Saturday, October 16, 2010

I work at McDonalds. Yes, the infamous "Mickey D's"... When I was hired, my views on child hood obesity changed, because I was payed 7.50 an hour to make it happen. About a halfway through my first year working there, I realized something. If I can see you walk in the door and already have you AND your childrens orders punched into the register, you need to stop coming here. I realize we have amazing customer service, but seriously. We're not THAT pleasant to talk to. And if you walk in with yor children and I don't touch a "Happy Meal" button once, GET OUT. I realize we're convenient and we're friendly (Oops, neither is actually true), but don't you think giving your child a decent start at life is more important? Don't get me wrong, using us every once in a while is fine. We taste great, and kids can be spoiled from time to time. When you buy food from us, you give someone a job, and that's wonderful. Employees need the money- especially since the Golden Arches are cutting health insurance for their employees on account of the new healthcare bill. But shouldn't their be some sort of line?

I realize that you have the right to run your lives into the ground. A right many people use like their credit- excessively. But when your parents run your life into the ground? When I see people texting with hildren in their car, you bet your ass I honk my horn and give them the finger. And when the window is open a crack, I'm gagging on cigarette smoke, and you've got kids in the back chugging a 2 liter of Mt. Dew? It makes me want to get out of the car and rip your doors off. Honestly.

My parents always tell me this. "There isn't a handbook on parenting." Ok, that's great. You have the right to raise your children, to a certain degree. (Obviously, a crackhead shouldn't be a parent). But should idiots be parents, either? Idiots who tell their kids to "breathe in the cool" as they pull out another cigarette? Or, my favorite, the ones that yell at other adults in front of their kids. What the hell kind of parent are you? You think your kids will grow to be successful? They just saw their hero, their idol, their FATHER, throw a beer bottle at a cop. They watch their hero use a cane to walk across the house cuz he's so goddamn fat. AND THEN HE GOES AND BUYS HIS KIDS MORE MCDONALDS. I personally swear to smack the bad parents back. A fat ass comes into my McDonalds? Ask him if he'd prefer the small fries instead. You drop the f-bomb in front of your kids? No, ma'am, f you. And please, get out of my store.

I have no idea what my original intent with this was. But I suppose... Parents. Wise up.